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Vinyl Siding
Vinyl siding holds its value and it looks good. Many colors are available, with any color trim and the vinyl clap board is applied over 1/2 inch plywood.. Simply put, vinyl siding lasts a lifetime and requires virtually no upkeep so this isn't just a solution - it's a permanent one.
Smart Siding
Smart Siding is durable, low-maintenence, and economical. It's primed at the factory and comes to you ready for a fresh coat of outdoor latex paint. Pre-primed surface offers exceptional paint adhesion. Smart Siding is knot free. Trims are unfinished pine.
Pine Siding
Pine Siding is popular. Our pine siding is unfinished with approximately 1-foot by 6-foot horizontal clapboards, and the thickness is approximately 1 inch. The exterior and the interior surface is smooth, both of which is suitable for priming and painting, or staining. this is great if you want to match the color your house.
Cedar Siding

Cedar is popular because of its natural appearance. Cedar siding is preferred for its natural resistance to warping and buckling, and also because of its natural resistance to decay and insects. Cedar clapboards are horizontal tongue and groove 1x6 clapboards with a thickness of approximately 1 inch. The siding is unfinished and takes stain very well, and it can also be primed and painted with nary a problem.

In the end, the best shed siding is whatever works best for you after taking appearance, maintenance, and of course, budget, into account.

You'll end up choosing what you feel looks best in the designated space, what you can afford, and how much.